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Wisdrop is a subscription research service. With a monthly subscription you get access to numerous country-focused studies and reports regarding Health, Beauty, F&B, Lifestyle, Retailing, CX, ECommerce and a lot more.

All your knowledge in one place.

Access actionable insights from everywhere, via any computer, and by multiple users. You can even upload your own studies as “private” and share it within your organisation. Don’t let any knowledge get under-utilised anymore.

Present, read, watch, again and again.

Share content directly from platform, go deeper on every slide with access on presenter notes and comments or sit back and watch us presenting the whole content as webinar, anytime, anywhere.

Frequently asked questions

From Health & Beauty attitudes, to Food & Beverage trends, Customer Experience and Lifestyle practices, Wisdrop brings you new and inspiring studies every month. There are over 20 studies and reports already planned for 2020. And as more companies join, new studies will be added.

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Wisdrop studies are designed to provide holistic understanding of the market and be relevant to a broader audience of companies. Initial menu was created based on Braincandy’s experience with over 100 clients during the last 10 years. However, this is just the start. Members will shape all future studies through their comments, reviews and special workshops.

Having the knowledge is important, but making use of it is a different story. We have designed a platform that will let you easily present content, deep dive in presenter notes and comments, ask questions, even watch us present through webinars. Our team will also make sure that you are really leveraging all the available information through platform analytics and further assist you through regular face2face meetings dedicated to your organization.

There are 4 Plans available, depending on the knowledge your organisation is ready to absorb. Our Starter Plan begins at €399 per month, aiming to be the starting point for all companies, even those that have never experienced the value of market research in the past. We are sure that this will be one of the best investments you will ever make!

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